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Environment, Optional Animations and Additional VFX

It has been a while since my last blog post, so there are quite a few changes in my project that I will talk about.


The first significant change is a complete overhaul of my game environment. My test area did not have clear borders, which often resulted in confusion when clicking outside the play area since the character would not move into the chosen direction. Furthermore I did not want people to move around a practically empty plane, so I made the following changes:

- Sculpted surrounding landscape to look like the top of a hill

- Created surrounding walls using the rock assets I already had

- Created various rock and crystal formations as well as ponds

- Set up a simple character spawn at the bottom left of the level

Optional Animations:

With still a lot of time left after finishing my main character moveset I moved on to the stretch goal animations which were run, auto attack and recall.

The run would be triggered when using the speed buff ability and would stay active for about 10 seconds before switching back to the standard walk animation.

The auto attack is triggered when selecting the dummy in the level as target. (Character can still move while the animation plays resulting in sliding - will be fixed tomorrow)

The recall animation can be started by pressing the "b" key and will teleport the player character back to the spawn after about 8 seconds.


Since the last post about visual effects I sat down and improved some of the already created particles by for example adding debris when the spear emerges after the flower is created and other small adjustments adding more layers to the effects. I also worked on other vfx required by some of the newer animations. These include:

- dirt trail behind the spear when running

- portal for the recall

Last but not least I drew an icon for each of the abilities and added them into the cooldown bar.

Overall I am satisfied with my progress and am looking forward to pushing it as far as I can within the next couple of days.

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