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Walk Cycle Update & Idle Animation

Walk Cycle Update

After receiving feedback from my tutor I sat down and worked on making the walk cycle look more feminine. I did this by adding more hip swing to the sides as well as moving the feet further inwards. I then exported everything again and replaced the animation I already had in engine.

Idle Cycle

The next step in creating the character's base movement was animating an idle cycle. I did not want to make the movement too frantic since it wouldn't match the character well. The Idle is about 10 seconds long and stays fairly centered since a short loop as well as extreme shifts in position and larger movements would make the animation feel more repetitive. A simple weight shift and some head movement supported by smaller secondary animation make the character feel alive and breathing.

Engine Test

After importing the Idle animation as well as the new walk I worked on the animation blueprint I created. Switching between idle and walk turned out to be fairly simple and could be done by checking whether the character's velocity was 0 or not and choosing the playing animation accordingly.

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