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Week 1 & 2

Hey I'm Lukas and I'm studying my 3rd year of Computer Games Animation at Teesside University.

For my Final Year Project I will be working on a character moveset in the style of MOBAs like League of Legends or Heroeso of the Storm. I will also try to make the character playable as well as create stylised VFX to support the animation.

Last week I focused on collecting resources for research, finding a rig that I liked as well as writing my proposal.

Here is some reseaarch material I found including several League of Legends dev blog entries:



I started the second week getting used to the rig controls, After testing some poses I tried exporting the skeletal mesh as well as animations, but encountered an issue with the animation export. The rig definitely works in UE4 and has been tested. It is just the export of the animations that does not work at this point in time. I contacted the creator of the rig as well as export script and am waiting for a reply regarding the issue.

Meanwhile I started working on the walk cycle of my character. Here is a short video of my progress:


I got a reply and the issue is fixed. I had to reference the rig file into a new Maya scene and export the animation from there. I just successfully imported my first animation on the rig into Unreal.

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